You can make easy money by helping us to promote our products to photographers, and you’ll be helping them to find high-quality, affordable resources. If you run a photography related website, blog, or newsletter you can apply to earn 40% commission on all purchases for an entire year that you refer to us! Apply here. If you’re already an affiliate you can login here.

Details of the Dreams & Spark Affiliate Program:

  • We will give you 40% on every single purchase referred to us by you for an entire year per customer!
  • Referrals are tracked by IP logs and cookies and are valid for 365 days.
  • Payments will be held for 1 month, in case of refunds and for fraud prevention, and will be paid by the 15th of the following month. So for example, commissions earned during January would be held through February, and then paid between the 1st and 15th of March.
  • No Minimum Payouts.

Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Links:

There are countless ways that you can go about promoting our products on your website or blog, but here are a few suggestions.

Product Reviews – Write a detailed review of a product and publish it at your blog/website.

Include Links Within Your Blog Posts – If you manage a photography blog of your own you can include links and recommendations for our products in your blog posts.

Use Your Affiliate Link from Social Media Sites – You can share your affiliate links from sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to help get more clicks. You don’t even have to push our products. Simply linking to a recent blog post with an affiliate link can be effective. If those visitors happen to buy anything while they’re on our site you will earn a commission.

Link to Our Free Resources – From our collection of freebies, we regularly offer free samples of our products. You can link to the freebies from your blog or social media profile and if someone who clicks through your link winds up making a purchase you will earn a commission. This is a great way to get some clicks to your affiliate links because everyone loves good freebies. Also, you’ll be getting clicks to your affiliate links without any hard selling.

Newsletter Links – Email newsletters can be extremely effective for promoting products. If you have a photography-related newsletter you can feature one of our products.

Post a CouponContact us if you are interested in getting a coupon code to use with your referrals. Offering a discount is a great way to encourage sales.

If you haven't already, you can apply as an affiliate here!